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Arash Ferdowsi

Co-founder, Dropbox

Emilie Choi

President and COO, Coinbase

Prior: Linkedin

Mandela Patrick

University of Oxford

Rhodes Scholar

April Underwood

Founder & CEO,
Local Laboratory

Prior: Slack, Twitter

Mike Davidson

VP, InVision

Prior: Twitter

David Lieb

Product Lead,
Google Photos

Prior: Bump

Cristina Carlino

Founder, Philosophy

Bangaly Kaba

EIR, Reforge

Prior: Instacart, Instagram

Ryan Spoon


Prior: ESPN, Polaris Ventures, beRecruited, eBay

Shannon Brayton

Board Member, Executive

Previously: LinkedIn, eBay, Yahoo

Jimena Almendares

Board Member and Product Executive, Facebook

Jerry Dischler

VP/GM, Ads, Google

Mubarik Imam


Prior: WhatsApp

Geoff Teehan

Head of Design, Novi

Prior: Teehan+Lax

AJ Frank

Head of Product, Superhuman

Prior: Dropbox, Twitter, Google.

Jean-Denis Greze

Head of Engineering, Plaid

Ellie Mertz

VP Finance, Airbnb

Prior: Netflix

Mike Taylor

CFO, Github

Prior: Tesla

Randi Zuckerberg

Founder & CEO,
Zuckerberg Media

Eric Feng

Head of Commerce Incubations, Facebook

Adam Leibsohn

Something New

Prior: GIPHY

Alex Roetter

Venture Partner,
Moxxie Ventures

Prior: Kittyhawk, Twitter, Google

Adam Messinger

Advisor/Board Member

Prior: Twitter

Helen Min

Something New

Prior: AngelList, Plaid, Dropbox, Facebook

Sarah Tierney Niyogi

General Counsel,
Scale AI

Prior: Plaid, Dropbox

Marcel Molina

Former Senior Staff Software Engineer at Tesla and Twitter

Hardik Kabaria

Director of Software (R&D), Carbon

Musa Tariq

CMO, GoFundMe

Prior: Airbnb, Ford, Apple, Nike, Burberry

Rob Andrews

Product and Analytics, Facebook

Prior: Facebook

Jen Nguyen

EVP/Head of
Workplace RAISE

Prior: Pinterest, Zynga, Tesla, SAP SuccessFactors

Sriram Krishnan

Advisor, Calm

Prior: Spotify, Tinder, HeadSpin

Richard Alfonsi

Advisor & Board Member

Prior: Stripe, Twitter, Google

Karina Sobieski

Partner Human Capital Practice, Softbank

Prior: a16z

Jeff Markowitz

Talent Advisor to CEO, Google

Prior: Greylock

Catherine Porter

Head of Business Development, Novi

Raaid Ahmad

Head of Analytics, Novi by Facebook

Prior: Bridgewater, Weebly

Ann Bordetsky

Partner, NEA

Prior: Uber, Twitter, Rival

David Fraga

President, InVision

Prior: Shutterstock, Insight Partners

Joel Lunenfeld

Advisor & Philanthropist

Prior: Twitter, Moxie Interactive

Hemal Shah

CPO, Root Insurance

Prior: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Elle Meyer

Director, Life Sciences, Carbon

Russell Fradin

Entrepreneur and investor

Tram Nguyen

Startup Advisor

Prior: Pinterest, Google, Microsoft

Lee Applbaum

CMO, Wheels Up

Prior: Patrón, Target, Coca-Cola

Jim Everingham

VP Eng at Facebook

Prior: Instagram, LiveOps

Ali Jafari

VP BD, Nextdoor

Prior: Twitter, Shutterfly, Ask

Scott Moore

Head of Product, Zynga

Prior: Electronic Arts

Sam Levine

Co-Chairman, PAX Labs

Prior: Candid

Libbie Thacker

Founder, The Gladstone Group

Prior: Sam's Club, Medallia

Scott Cannon

Co-founder, Mailbox & Navigator

Julian Gutman

CPO, Patreon

Prior: Instagram, Facebook, Google

Leura Craig

Founder, Laurel & Wolf

Partner, Outlander Labs

Edward Zimmerman

Chair/Co-Founder of Tech Group,
Lowenstein Sandler

Lauren Berson

CEO & Founder,
Stealth Co

Prior: WW International, a16z

Andrew Owen

Director of Community

Prior: Instagram

Bastien Vidal

CFO Callisto Media

Prior: XBrain, LeWeb, KPMG

Maggie Hott

Enterprise Sales Leader, Slack

Prior: Eventbrite

Trae Vassallo

Co-founder and Partner,

Stephen McIntyre

General Partner, Frontline

Prior: Google, Twitter

Kristen Lachtman

VP People Ops & Culture, The Action Network

Prior: Brat

Todd Laurence

Managing Director, Thimble Peak Advisors. Adjunct Faculty, Oregon State University.

Prior: Cloudera

Amy Saper

Partner, Accel

Prior: Stripe, Uber, Twitter

Paige Craig

Strategic Advisor, Bird. Partner, Outlander Labs

Madeleine Todd

Owner, Madeleine Todd Consulting

Jon Sakoda

Founder, Decibel

Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor

Managing Partner of VC & PE, The Caldwell Partners

Kelly Kovacs

Partner at 01 Advisors.
Founder of EA Mafia

Prior: Twitter

Kim Moore

Partner, Glynn Capital

Prior: Innovation Endeavors, Asana

Katia Verresen

Executive Coach

Michael Anderson

Framework Ventures

Mark Friese


Sales Lead at Twitter

Samuel Luckenbill

Engineering Leadership

Prior: Twitter

Matthew Derella


Prior: Chief Customer Officer, Twitter

Ramy Houssaini

Chief Cyber & Technology Risk Officer, BNP Paribas

Ryan Alfred

Head of Product, NYDIG

Ethan Yeh

Data Science Exec, Investor, Advisor

Prior: Stripe, Twitter, World Bank