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Announcing Scribble Ventures’ new $84M funds: Doubling down on early stage

Quick Overview

Fall 2020: Scribble debuted, $50M early stage fund

Oct 2022: $84M raised across two funds: Scribble Core & Breakout

No change to Core focus - pre-seed to traction

New Breakout fund allows us to double-down

Collaborative investors, partners with both Angels and top VC firms

B2B & B2C, sector agnostic including web3/crypto

Team: Operators & Investors from Twitter, Instagram, Planet Labs, Andreessen Horowitz, Acrew, IVP, NFX

Portfolio: Whatnot, Titan, Certn, NCX, TrueNorth, Mysten, Luminai,, Buildbuddy, Aptos, Superplastic, more

Today marks a big milestone at Scribble Ventures. We’re launching Scribble II, an oversubscribed $84M across our Core and Breakout funds, and we remain focused on backing the best early stage founders on the planet. But for us this is a testament to what investing is actually about - people. Building a startup is a deeply personal, all-consuming journey, and the people you take the long haul with - co-founders, investors, advisors, team members - become part of your life story. Sure, it’s our job as investors to roll up our sleeves and tip the odds of success for our founders. But more than that, it’s one of the great joys of our life to be on this long, winding road beside them. And while returns are the proof of being a good investor, it’s the founder’s perspective, their experience of you through thick and thin, that are the proof of being a great one.

So instead of telling you what we think about this milestone, let’s take this moment to celebrate our Scribble founders and amplify their voices. In our view, they are the only true measure of our success.


Grant LaFontaine, Co-founder & CEO, Whatnot

"The Scribble team is a unique breed - their energy and positivity are a refreshing constant. They are true partners and a great sounding board. They’ve rolled up their sleeves to help when needed and more than anything, they genuinely care on a personal level. Scribble is one of those rare investors who actually helps make their companies better!"

Joe Percoco, Co-founder, Titan

"Scribble Ventures is one of the most impactful investors Titan has had. They are one of my first phone calls with anything product related. They've helped us think about how to build great product and hire A+ product builders when it counted the most."

Maggie Norris, Founder & CEO, Aidaly

“The energy the Scribble team brings to the table is unparalleled. I knew the moment we first met they were going to be a lifelong partner in our mission. They worked quickly to introduce me to value-add investors and continue to be a great thought partner and friend.”

Andrew McLeod, Co-founder & CEO, Certn

"Scribble has been helpful in every way, from helping to attract and retain talent, to customer introductions and being a crucial part of our finances. Scribble has been key to our success and they are always our first call!"

Jin Stedge, CEO, TrueNorth

"Scribble bet on us early and quickly, and the entire team is always lightning-fast to help the moment I ask for it. They're a super high-caliber team with both breadth and depth of operating experience. Grateful to have met them early in TrueNorth's journey."

Evan Cheng, Co-founder & CEO, Mysten Labs

"We liked Scribble because they understand us. It's rare to see a VC firm run by operators with deep product and engineering backgrounds. This unique combination allows them to develop high conviction quickly. It is an absolute joy to work with Scribble."

Max Nova, Co-founder & COO, NCX

"Scribble has been one of our first and best partners at NCX. They've connected us with great talent, been helpful with fundraising strategy and networking, and have been extremely available and responsive as we've grown our company."

Tade Oyerinde, Founder & CEO, Campus

"The Scribble team has been super helpful to me as a sounding board as we've developed our student support model. I've found them to be relentless in helping us achieve our goals -- it’s clear they want us to be successful. I've always been impressed by their speed of action and level of conviction in what we're doing. 100% would recommend to fellow founder friends of mine."

Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran, Co-founder & CEO, Luminai

"Scribble has been a phenomenal partner in our journey. They have been great at putting us in front of the right customers to help us find product market fit. They have also helped us understand how to evaluate what type of candidates would be ideal to bring on to our team, and then helped us close them. The Scribble team is the perfect combination of demanding yet very supportive."

Siggi Simonarson, Founder & CEO, BuildBuddy

"Scribble has been by far the most helpful out of the 20 investors on BuildBuddy's cap table. During our seed round, they made intros to over a dozen incredible investors who collectively comprised over 50% of our round. They're decisive and move quickly. They're exactly the kind of investor that every YC company in our batch dreams of working with, and I'd encourage any founder to work with them given the opportunity."

Vrinda Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Sequin

"The entire Scribble team creates a founder-first culture of support and shows genuine interest in helping founders get what they need. For Sequin, the Scribble team has been incredibly helpful in making introductions to partners and potential hires, never hesitating to leverage their high-profile connections and personal network to further our business goals."

Paul Budnitz, CEO, Superplastic

"It’s hard to express the true awesomeness of having the Scribble team as partners and investors! They've always been there to help Superplastic grow, whether it’s reaching out to industry contacts, helping break through when we need help with industry partners, or just offering advice. Scribble rules!!!!"

Mo Shaikh, Co-founder & CEO, Aptos

"It takes a special team to match the dedication and efficiency needed to ship products at the rate we do at Aptos Labs. The team at Scribble supports us in lock-step, deeply involved with and committed to our mission. I'm excited to have them as part of the broader Aptos community, partnering with our team to create world-changing technology for the masses."

Mike Folgner, Co-founder, Scenery

"The Scribble partners respond instantly and are always ready to dive into the details with me when I need to work through issues or strategies. They have an amazing network and are willing to help as well, whether we're looking for advice, fundraising, PR, or something else. Plus, we enjoy spending time with them - meetings are frequently on mountain trails, where you feel you can really connect with them."



Elizabeth Weil

Founder and Managing Partner, Scribble Ventures ( Previously Andreessen Horowitz, Twitter. Investor: SpaceX, Slack, Coinbase, Figma, Clubhouse, Calm. Letterpress printer (@paperwheel). Ultramarathon runner. Mom to @thirdweil and twins.

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