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Startups start with founders.

To know the Scribble ethos, there is no better way than meeting the people behind the ideas. From Rubik’s Cube champions to fighter pilots, Scribble founders are born explorers.

I hold the Guinness World Record for “Most Number of Rubik's Cubes Solved in One Hour”.

Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran


I hold a National Science Olympiad championship for my Rube Goldberg device, a machine designed to solve a simple problem with a series of complex cause-effect mechanics.

Elizabeth Weil

Scribble Ventures

I’m a writer, and one of my personal essays went so viral that I was invited live on The Today Show, in front of two million people, to discuss it.

Christen O’Brien

Scribble Ventures

I co-led an NGO that funded + implemented clean water infrastructure in rural schools and communities in Colombia and India while in engineering school.

Nico Ferreyra


I’ve received 22 Emmy nominations for StoryBots, and have premiered 3 original videos for sitting US Presidents.

Gregg Spiradellis


I’ve run across Haiti 4 times - about 230 miles per run, over 8 days.

Josh Elkes


Radio segment I performed on that went viral. Watch Video.



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